Chiller Trucks Rental

chiller truck rental in Dubai

At Chiller Transport Dubai, we are the experts when it comes to chiller truck rental in Dubai and across the UAE. With years of experience providing chilled transport solutions, we have the largest fleet of chiller trucks for rent. In addition, the knowledge to ensure your goods are delivered safely and on time.

What is chiller Truck ?

A Chiller truck or chiller lorry, is a truck designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. Chiller trucks are uniquely designed trucks for transporting perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc and pharmaceutical products.

Our chiller truck for rent in Dubai team understands the unique requirements of transporting perishable items in the hot climate. We offer a range of chilling solutions including head-mounted, nose-mounted, and insulation chiller trucks.

Whether you need to transport ice cream or fruit and vegetables, we have a rental truck to meet your needs. And with GPS tracking and experienced drivers, you can trust us to handle your cargo with care.

Types of Chiller Trucks we are offering.

  • Head mounted
  • Nose mounted
  • Insulation Trucks
  • Chiller Conversion Trucks
  • Semi-Freezer Chiller Trucks
  • Full-Freezer Trucks.


  • On Time Delivery
  • Committed towards the contract
  • 24*7 Quality Support
  • Committed to provide you well maintained and hygienic vehicles, so your products will be Fresh and Hygiene.

What we offer

  • From light to Heavy weight Chiller trucks available for rent.
  • All types of Chiller trucks are well tested and approved by the experts.
  • All type of Chiller trucks rental for short and long range distance.
  • Advanced model Of Chiller trucks with highly qualified staff
  • Customize rental contract for all type of chiller trucks.
  • Heavy Chiller Trucks like Isuzu Chiller Truck Rental with Tail Lift
  • We offer User-friendly, cost-friendly, Nature-Friendly Chiller Trucks.

Use of Chiller Vans

  • Frozen Food Transport
  • Fresh Food Transport
  • Medicines transport requires the chilled temperature
  • Beverages Transport

Use of Chiller Trucks

  • Frozen Food Transport
  • Fresh Food Transport
  • Perishable Items Transport
  • Medicines transport requires the chilled temperature
  • Beverages Transport

Why choose us

  • Best cost in industry
  • Nature-Friendly Chiller Vans and Chiller Trucks
  • Latest and Advanced models Chiller Vans
  • Customize Contract based upon your need and desire
  • Vast experience in industry.
  • Committed delivery in difficult climate as well.
  • 24*7 chilling transport support
  • Fast growing organization


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