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chiller vans for rent in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a reliable provider of chiller vans for rent in the UAE? At our transport company, we provide reliable temperature-controlled transport solutions to businesses across the UAE. With our modern chiller and freezer vans, we make it easy to transport your temperature-sensitive goods.
With 13 years of combined experience in temperature-controlled transport, our drivers are experts at maintaining the interior environment. We're the go-to provider of chiller vans for rent in Abu Dhabi. Our expanding modern fleet and customized rental options make us the right choice for all your transport needs. Whether you want frozen food transport or beverage transport, we're here to help you. Deliver peace of mind along with every sensitive shipment with our chiller and freezer van rental in Dubai.

What is chiller van ?

A chiller van is a railway goods wagon with cooling equipment. It's a device that cools an area by extracting heat from it and compressing or absorbing the vapor in the air.

Types of Chiller Vans we are offering.

Insulation Vans and Trucks
A well-insulated van is easier to heat and cool, stays warmer in the winter, and won't heat up as quickly in the summer

Chiller Conversion Van
Chiller conversion vans are essentially insulation vans with a refrigeration component attached. Semi-Freezer Chiller Van - Semi-freezers have more sophisticated insulators than chiller conversion vans and insulation vans Full-Freezer Van and Trucks - They share many of the equivalent features because of the semi-freezer vans, but with a minimum of one added dimension: thicker, heat-resistant doors and sidewalls.


Our vehicles are completely maintained and tested by experts by keeping your safety and hygiene in mind. The temperature control system is automated which keeps your products safe like farm-fresh. We offer the Chiller Van and Chiller trucks for all over Dubai, Delivering the fresh foods and beverages, medicines, and essential items to Offices, Factories, House, Restaurants etc.. We are always ready to customize the administration strategy to meet your specific needs while providing excellent customer service.

Our fleet of chiller vans for rent provides stable interior temperatures between 2°C and 8°C. It is ideal for transporting fresh foods, flowers, and other perishables.

We offer commercial models equipped with advanced cooling systems to maintain consistent conditions inside the cargo area. Whether you need a van for a day or several months, we have competitive rental rates to fit your budget.

For frozen items, our freezer van rental in UAE maintains temperatures as low as -20°C. The fully insulated bodies preserve quality and prevent wastage even on long hauls. We have freezer vans available for rental in both Dubai and across the UAE.

What we offer

  • From light to Heavy weight Chiller Van available for rent.
  • All light and heavy Chiller Van are well tested and approved by the experts.
  • All type of Chiller vans are available for short and long distance.
  • All type of chiller vans and for daily,weekly, monthly and yearly basis contract.
  • Heavy Chiller Trucks like Isuzu Chiller Truck Rental with Tail Lift
  • We offer User-friendly Chiller van, cost-friendly Chiller van, Nature-Friendly Chiller van.

Use of Chiller Vans

  • Frozen Food Transport
  • Fresh Food Transport
  • Medicines transport requires the chilled temperature
  • Beverages Transport

Why choose us

  • Best cost in industry
  • Nature-Friendly Chiller Vans and Chiller Trucks
  • Latest and Advanced models Chiller Vans
  • Customize Contract based upon your need and desire
  • Vast experience in industry.
  • Committed delivery in difficult climate as well.
  • 24*7 chilling transport support
  • Fast growing organization


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